Introduction to Machine Learning Workshop (5days)

The five day workshop on machine learning  was conducted in association with More than 300 students showed up for the 5 day workshop. The average rating for the workshop was 4.6, which implies that the workshop was a grand success.


Topics covered are:

  • Day 1

    • Introduction to machine learning
    • Applications of machine learning
    • Introduction to Python- terminal

    Resources required-presentation slides

  • Day 2

    • Setting up the coding environment
      • Introduction to Jupyter notebooks
      • Introduction to NumPy, Pandas
    • Lab session on basics of NumPy and Pandas

    Resources required – notebook for introducing pandas, Links to study Panda

  • Day 3

    • Introduction to Linear regression- house price prediction

      • R2 score
      • A brief introduction to regularization- graph of overfitting

      Lab session on Linear regression

    Resources required – notebook for introducing Linear regression, Real world Examples

  • Day 4

    • Introduction to logistic regression
      • Cross entropy score
      • A brief introduction to regularization
      • Confusion matrix

Lab session on logistic regression

  • Day 5
    • Main project- Spam classification
      • Text preprocessing
        • NLTK
        • Bag of words representation, Stemming, Lemmatization,
      • Fitting Logistic Regression model
      • Identifying spam
    • Conclusion and future scope