Veil Healthcare

During COVID 19 pandemic, some of us students provided 5000 face shields to Pathanamthitta collector using 3d printing, and subsequently, sub Veil healthcare solutions were formed to meet the rising demand of high quality personal protective equipment. We designed and manufactured face shields and automatic sanitizer dispensers for the healthcare workers and the general public. We sourced materials from India itself and sold more than 1.5 lakh face shields and hundreds of automatic sanitizer dispensers. Even while our competitors were charging exorbitant amounts, we charged low prices so that the community can benefit without much financial burden.
Additionally, we employed more than 20 people at a time where people were finding it hard to find jobs. Without their support, we couldn’t have had pulled this off.
3 local plastic manufacturers have copied our exact designs and have produced even more face shields, which only aids our aim of lowering the spread of corona, especially in Kerala by the use of good quality PPE.