Complete change

GI have changed. 
I used to play guitar, sing songs, write songs, ride my bicycle, go for a spin in my fz25, drive to places in my Alto car, chat hours on phone with my friends, lie on the ground thinking about something good things that I can be and I could do to me and the people around me, I don’t feel like I am that person that used to do that anymore. 
Seattle have changed me as a person. It have humbled me by showing tons of people who are better than me in technology, it have shown me that there are loads of people who are more beautiful than I’d ever be, it have shown filthy rich people who don’t even need to worry about working in the rest of their lives, People who have amazing families that are supportive and caring, people who have such loyal friends who are will support them when they stumble, people with powerful connections.

This is what I call out of my comfort zone. It’ll take time for me to build the connections needed to keep me going. It’ll take time to rise to the skill level of people that I am interacting with. It’ll take me effort to understand the game I am involved in. That doesn’t mean that I will stop. It means that I shall double down on my efforts and seize it all. Good day!!