Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

I participated in the Alaska Airlines environmental innovation challenge Yesterday(03/31/2022) and I’d like to share my joy that my team consisting of a Layla-freshman majoring in entrepreneurship, Sunny- an MBA guy interning at Amazon and I won the Community Impact prize for our hydroponics-based advanced gardening platform.
I had this personal project of 3D printing a hydroponics system inspired from a previous group assignment. I applied to EIC which I came to know from PMP introduction session and later from some email list in UW. Initially, I made a team with 4 random freshman and 3 of them dropped off midway.

Then me and Layla applied to the prototype funding that allowed us upto $1200 to make the proto.The ML classes were hectic, so I knew that it’d be hard to pull it off if I try to do the business side also. So I teamed up with Sunny, whom I met through a foster business school friend. He made up some numbers for the project.