Rules that I live by

– 80/20 rule- 80 percent of the results are the result of 20% of your work.

– Life is a cafe where you can pay with the currency of time and walk away with almost any skill you need.

– People usually stick on to what they’re good at start as when they encounter new areas, they compare with the previous skills and discard the new one, finding them hard, because they lack the discipline and courage to stick on till it becomes easy.

-Do not fight with the pig , if you do, you will get dirty too

– if you see your enemy doing something in the wrong way, do not go and correct the case let him learn the hard way.

– People remember how you make them feel that what  material thing you gave them

– everything just exists. You might have not known the person that you are quarrelling with you chose to go to another country for studies or work. Understand the silliness of our situations and how we respond to situations. Think of the alternate universe where what’s happening in the present was not at all possible.

Focus is a muscle, train it

Happiness is a habit