Ideas are creatures

Why do we work so hard? Does it have anything to do with improving comfort, or is it just an obsession that makes humans?
We say that humans rule the world. I have a somewhat different opinion that Ideas rule the world. We used to see ideas as some construct of humans, something that is formed of his thinking and creativity- abilities that are considered to be exclusive to living beings. Let us look at ideas as something else, think of ideas as an organism, a parasite, that chooses a vessel to spread it’s ideas. It motivates us to document what we believe. It leads to conversations that are nothing but the procreation of ideas.
Like everything else, there are good ideas and bad ideas. Both strive to procreate, like every other living organism. Evolution is also applicable to ideas. They change and get refined as these ideas are procreated in the minds of people. Ideas need the information to be fed to them, just like food needs to be provided to living beings. These are the correlations to living beings.
Whenever someone engages in a conversation, the person who listens develops the same neural pathways that the person who is explaining the idea has in his mind. If you think about it, conversations were the only way these patterns in neurons could be created in the minds of other people. Then came the printing press that made this procreation a bit easier for the masses. Sometimes, these ideas are not conveyed to the effectiveness of someone explaining it. So came the internet and social media. See the evolution and the burning desire for ideas to propagate.
I am thrilled to see ideas in this new limelight, not just as a construct of human beings that is shaped by them, but as a striving force of its own, which is making the humans work extra hard for something that even humans are unaware of. The last time I’ve searched, the main goal of the majority of people was to find a purpose in life. Maybe this is the purpose- to spread ideas and if you do an excellent job of spreading them enough, live eternally through these ideas.