GSM motor controller

My undergraduate college (Mar Athanasius College of engineering)  is on the top of the hill. The college water supply is from a river which is flowing on the bottom of the hill. Every day, the security guard had to go more than 1.5 km to a sparsely populated area to switch on the motor, and redirect it to several water tanks in the college, even at night. 

Seeing this difficulty, under the guidance of Prof Babu P Kuriakose, HOD of ECE Dept & faculty in charge of IoT lab, I set up an SMS-based motor control system with the mobile app to easily send messages. The security could also send messages if they have an old mobile phone since the system communicates using SMS messages.

The app was made by MIT app inventor and the code is written in Arduino IDE. A custom PCB was developed and fabricated from the Fab lab.