Dreams are a wonderful part of our lives. I used to dream a lot in my sleep. As far as I remember, I have dreamed almost every day since childhood. At some point in time, I used to mix my dreams with my real life and that has created a lot of confusion in my childhood. Some dreams were seasonal, and i saw the same dreams in the same month every year. For instance, I saw a dream of advanced aircrafts landing in my neighborhood in every August. Most of the times, my friends and family were the main characters in the dreams, but my favourite movie characters like harry potter appeared in some of my dreams.
I consider dreams as a game rather than a movie that is played when we sleep. It is a game since i have my free will at some crucial points in every dream and I feel that the course of the dream is actually controlled by me rather than the characters.
The dreams tell me about how relaxed or stressed I am. I have seen dreams that I have failed exams more often in my senior year at school, advanced tech at my 1st year of college, approval by peers in college etc. It sometimes feels to me that my dreams are a way by which I continue to practice what I want, and have helped me get better in many aspects.