I have been amazed by people’s dopamine levels. Some people are excited at everything, some people seem indifferent to new experiences, Some are selectively excited. 
I am puzzled by women’s reception to surprises… They seem to be excited about almost every little thing if given as a surprise. I don’t know if it is because they express it more than men, or is it frequency bias due to all the social media platforms. 

I feel that ‘Happy is the heart that still feels pain’ could be one way to think about it. People who have been pampered and not exposed much to the hard stuff in life could be the ones that are so happy at the smallest of the surprises, but I could be wrong. 

I sometimes think ignorance is bliss, not that I want that bliss. I’ve observed people around and somehow, I feel that this bliss is no longer a choice with all the social media and internet stuff that shows you everything around the world. A new mindset is required to keep your calm and your mental state in this kind of situation where you might feel like whatever you do does not amount to anything, compared to what the ‘residents of the internet’ are doing. 

After all, your happiness is just a chemical that determines the level of happiness depending upon the previous activations and threshold.