Data collection for analyzing the reasons for dry eyes

Ever since the pandemic started my eyes have been feeling itchy and dry. I went to the ophthalmologist as my eyesight started getting blurry, to find out how I can rectify this problem.

The doctor said that I needed to tackle this problem as soon as possible or else the damage could be permanent I spend a lot of time at home sitting in front of the computer looking at content very close to my eyes. In the back of the computer I had a big wall that did not allow me to relax my eyes.

After coming to University of Washington I got a part time job as a grader for the course By the name AI and healthcare. Inspired by this course, I decided to pursue in this project.

My initial findings is that depending upon the type of applications that you are using, the duration between eye blinks varies.

I made a machine learning face detector using viola Johns algorithm and an eye detector using a cascade classifier using a pattern matching code. If the classifier finds a face but does not find the eyes, it concludes that the person has closed his or her eyes. Based on this method, I observe the time duration between subsequent eye blinks and store it in a CSV file. This data is further analyzed based on the correlation with the software being used at that point in time.

This is a work in progress and much could be done before this project is completed.

I am expecting to see correlation between the type of application and the font size and the time of the day for eye dryness to occur