Babu sir is a vibrant personality. He can be often found involved in more than and one activity at the same time. He pushes his students to be well-rounded personalities, taking advantage of every opportunity that lies in front of them.

Babu sir has a unique way of teaching his students. his classes are more practical oriented rather than just explaining the theories mentioned in the curriculum.  this really makes him one of the most sought-after teachers in the electronics department.
Under the guidance of Babu sir, we set up and internet of things lab which became one of the prominent student Run Labs in the locality,  thanks to Babu Sir and his help to set up and run the lab. He also took active effort in introducing people from the industry to the IoT lab team and we set up a number of talk shows with them.

Being an entrepreneur himself, Babu sir took a proactive effort in bringing up student  Run startups in the college. He was the faculty in charge of the innovation and Entrepreneurship club in the college and we together set up a number of workshops and training sessions for the students.  even though not a large number of startups have been established at the MACE Innovation and Entrepreneurship club, I am sure that we succeeded in influencing the mindset of the students and some of them will surely take up entrepreneurial activities after college due to the Spark they got from the IEDC club.

While being one of the most prominent professors in MACE, he is also an established farmer.  he has acres of farmland where he grows from rambutan, plantain, pepper among many other crops. he has a  medium-sized fish farm and he uses the novel technique of aquaponics to irrigate his vegetable farm.  He has been featured in the news several times for his Novel agricultural practices. he regularly supplies fish and vegetable study college hostel.

He exposed me to different opportunities and people and put responsibility in my shoulders, which helped me to become a more proactive person, as opposed to the shy and eccentric person I used to be. Although it is due to a plethora of experience in my college life, the influence of Babu sir is not trivial.

Right after I graduated, He became the HOD of the ECE Department. I got the chance to receive my degree certificate from him on my graduation day. I truly cherish the time that  I spent with him at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering and I hope he continues to influence more students in the coming years.