Hydroponics system

In my childhood, I used to plant some mustard seeds in fertile soil on a pot and I was famous for pulling out the plant from the pot and checking for the amount of growth the plant had on the last day. This incident remained a weapon in my sibling’s arsenal as I grew up. But no more. It seems like I was well ahead of my time. Now the agricultural system of hydroponics is taking the world by storm. It is not a tall absurd, but rather a necessary thing in hydroponics to pull the plant out and trim the roots.3
Inspired by this amazing technology of pulling out roots(pun) , I designed a hydroponic system which is stackable and hence can be extended to the users needs. It comes with interchangeable cartridges that can be used to swap out plants and trim the roots very easily. This is still in development, and I am trying different configurations and nutrients that can make the plant grow better and faster leveraging my education in artificial intelligence and data science. I hope that I will be able to come up with a product that can cater to wide audiences.