Feeling overwhelmed

I had a fever 2 months after coming to Seattle, and suddenly , I started thinking about the things I have been running frantically after. I was having this feeling of scheduling all my time and making the best use of it, as I am spending so much for my masters. Yet, I felt like I was barely making progress. I have noticed that how busy I am became a topic that I usually threw at the people whom i connect to. But upon giving it some thought, it felt like what I have done so far have been much more challenging and I haven’t complained about being busy so far. 
I found an antipattern in my behaviour. I have been trying to do a lot of things at once (just me being me) but now the things I am trying to do are much more hard as many people pursue them as their primary goal. Since the difficulty level increased, many of my pursuits are not a one or two day feat now. That meant consistent effort was required to make progress. 

Upon finding that there are lot of stuff that I can do and I simply have not enough time, I just switch across activities and not do enough to make an impact in any of them. In many cases, I just give up and do something else like scrolling websites or cleaning room. Cleaning room is a stressbuster for me. This means that I was not making use of any of the opportunities I have to the fullest. 

I am practicing doing one thing at a time and estimating completion time and effort required at the start of the pursuit. By quantifying and taking internal feedbacks, it becomes easier to track progress and stay on track.